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Lineworker Safety, Training, & Leadership Conference - Omaha, NE - April 25-27, 2023

Our target attendees are the people who actively influence the safety culture at their utility. They are sought out by an apprentice if they have a question. These people take the time not only to show, but to explain why specific tasks are done a certain way. The goal of this conference is not only to educate but to provide a place and means for people to collaborate, share, and engage with each other.

Our target attendees are the up-and-coming lineworkers who are 5-20 years into their career. This conference will be focused on this group of individuals and is not intended for current supervisors or other management. Attendance will be limited to one person per utility. Every QSI member is eligible to nominate one attendee. There are 60 spots for this conference, if more than 60 nominations are received then attendees will be chosen by a random drawing. There are no registration fees for the conference; however, The attendee is required to pay for their own lodging and travel expenses. All nominations are due by February 15th. After we have reviewed all the nominations and have drawn their names we will notify both the attendee and nominator. 

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Quad State Summer Conference - Pittsburg, PA – June 12-16, 2023

The Quad State Conference is designed for safety professionals to exchange information, solutions, upgrade skills, and work collectively to expand an excellent collection of shared and pertinent training programs.

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Hosts: Chuck Hickernell, Northwestern Rural Electric Co-op

Lodging:  Stay Tuned! 

Registration Fee: Stay Tuned!

Future Conferences

Date Location Host
January 2024 El Paso, Texas Gerald Nielsen
June 2024 Grand Rapids, Michigan Great Lakes Energy; Dan King/Travis Mix
January 2025 Charleston, South Carolina Berkley Electric; Jason Smith
June 2025 Ohio Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives; Dwight Miller



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