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Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

This is an online database of drug and alcohol violations that an employer subject to Part 382 (CMV driver drug and alcohol testing) must register to use to verify driver eligibility. This is in addition to the annual BMV report.
There are two types of queries you need to run. The limited query is done when checking all drivers on an annual basis. The full query is done when hiring a new employee and when a limited query comes back as “noted.” Each query costs the same, $1.25.
Compliance Date: January 6, 2020

Before January 6, 2020

  • Employer must register online (Need SAFER portal to register)
  • Update drug and alcohol policy and procedures (382.601(b)(12)
  • Collect signed receipt from CMV drivers to allow limited queries
  • Train all affected employees

After January 6, 2020

  • Employer must report any drug and alcohol violations
    • Alcohol results 0.04 or greater
    • Refusal to test
    • Actual knowledge of a violation
    • Any negative return-to-duty test results
    • Successful completion of drivers follow-up plan
  • Conduct full queries on prospective CMV drivers
  • Continue to also collect safety performance history (SPH) from previous employers until January, 2023
  • Query all CDL drivers annually (can be limited query)
    • First query of current drivers before Jan 5, 2021
    • If report is noted, conduct a full query within 24 hrs.
    • Driver must authorize query
      • Use original sign-off form for limited query
      • Driver needs account to authorize full query
  • Keep all queries for 3 years
  • Keep the limited query release for 3 years after final authorized query
  • After Jan 6, 2023 a valid registration fulfills this requirement

LINK TO OHIO STATEWIDE HANDOUT - thank you Steve Savon for the timely information!

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