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Near Miss - Auger Falling Due to Broken Bolts

Just wanted to share with you a recent Near Miss we had here at Great Lakes Energy involving bolts breaking on the coupler attachment of our digger derricks.

The following is a brief description:

Location:  Newaygo
Description:  Broken bolt in coupler
Result: Auger fell to ground
Incident Date:   2/17/2014
Incident Type:  Near Miss

“A broken bolt in the coupler attachment on truck #6907 resulted in the auger falling to the ground while being unstowed at job site. There were no reported injuries.”

Image of incorrect safety actions when using a coupler.

This is the third time we’ve experienced a broken bolt in the coupler and the second time the auger has fallen to the ground as a result. As you can see from the picture above, the bolts are not easy to inspect other than by physically removing them. Our crews are aware of the previous issues we’ve had and pay close attention during inspections, and when stowing and unstowing the auger. This is also reflected in the fact the crew members remain clear of the area while the boom is elevated to unstow the auger, which has led to no injuries despite this being the second occurrence!

We have contacted Terex and this does not appear to be a widespread problem, but is definitely a good reminder – to stay clear while the auger is being unstowed, if nothing else!!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ben Striegle, CLCP
Great Lakes Energy
Assistant Director, Loss Control & Training
One Cooperative Center Drive
Newaygo, MI 49337
Cell: 231-675-7531
Office: 231-652-8187




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